Skill Providers

Skillbillies is a company comprised of skilled workers who are able to fix almost anything inside or outside customer’s homes at an affordable price. We never sell leads and providers don’t have to bid on jobs, the only thing we require is experience and the desire to serve. "Baby Boomers”, those who prefer to work part time are welcome to apply.   

 *All skill providers working on homes in Oregon must either be licensed or work as a full or part time employee of a licensed contractor.  To comply with Oregon laws, Skillbillies LLC, is prepared to hire as many skill providers as the demand for home repair increases

Skillbillies is an Oregon registered LLC.  Our company complies with all Oregon contractor requirements.and is licensed by the Oregon CCB. License #224620.  SkillBillies is a federally registered trademark.

$199 jobs usually take about 2 hours to complete. If you need extra work beyond the two hours, our service fee is $49 per half hour. 

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