Our Funny Name

For those of you interested in how Mr. McCoy came up the name Skillbillies, the name came from a situation caused by an Arctic cold front freezing all the pipes under his craftsman home. Being confronted with a situation requiring the necessary skills most homeowners don’t have, Mr. McCoy called his insurance company and was told that they wouldn’t be able to have a licensed contractor for at least six weeks. Mike asked the company if they would give him permission to hire unlicensed repairmen, they answered “Yes, you pay them and we’ll reimburse you.” A neighbor told Mr. McCoy he knew some old guys that could do the work. The next morning a couple of vintage Ford trucks came through his gate carrying four “elderly gentlemen” who looked like they just came off the set of Duck Dynasty. After the work was completed for about half of what he expected to pay, Mr. McCoy issued a payment to the workers and laughingly said, “You guys are a bunch of Skillbillies.” The foreman yelled out to the other three guys and said…”Hey, you guys, McCoy just called us Skillbillies.”  To Mike’s relief, thinking they were going to be offended by the name…one of them said…”We like that name.” The three other workers nodded their heads and concurred that they liked the name too. That’s how Skillbillies came to be.


In conclusion, Skillbillies" is an association of skilled craftsmen and women who have at least 10 years of experience in remodeling and building homes. To help grow "Skillbillies", we need younger providers as well who are willing to learn from their older counterparts passing along the knowledge gained over the years.  We affectionately call them “Skillbabies.” This business model assures American homeowners that these skills will pass from one generation to the next. 

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Everyday, until the end of this decade, 10,000 “baby boomers” will retire.  When Mike McCoy, the founder of Skillbillies, realized that many of the boomers might have skills going to waste, he began researching different sectors of the American economy where the demand for skilled labor was limited by supply. His research led him to the “Joint Center For Housing” a bi-annual report published by the Harvard Business School.  After reading several issues he was stunned to learn how this $500 billion need for skilled labor was greatly underserved. Rather than get into the tall weeds of how this situation materialized over the past 30 years, he came to the conclusion that baby boomers might be the answer to supply.