Why do Skillbillies charge much less than other skill providers?

The majority of Skillbillies are retired or semi-retired contractors who choose to work part time to supplement their retirement incomes. They aren't dependent on full time work. Those who aren't retired simply want to make extra income.

What's a Skillbilly?

A "skillbilly" is someone who is gifted with the ability to fix or repair almost anything inside or outside your home. The majority of our "skillbillies" have the "know how" to build a house from top to bottom.

What makes Skillbillies.Com different than other companies offering home repair and remodeling?

The major home repair companies, Home Advisor, Angieslist, Thumbtack and TAKL are virtual. If anything isn't fixed correctly, it's virtually impossible to get in touch with them. Conversely, in whatever part of the country Skillbillies.Com is serving, we have a local office to "make right" any issue that may arise.

Why has it become practically impossible to find skilled workers to fix my home?

After the housing collapse in 2008, 65% of home builders went "belly up." The contractors were men in their 50's and found it almost impossible to change careers. SkillBillies are those who managed to survive.

Are SkillBillies mainly "Baby Boomers"?

Yes, but we do not discriminate against younger skilled workers. We even have a training program where young men and women can learn skills from their older counterparts. We call them "skillbabies."

Why is it smart to pay upfront rather than wait?

As American homes age (65 yrs is the average) the demand for skilled workers is in short supply. Homeowners who want something fixed in a hurry should consider paying upfront. We understand that others prefer to see a skillbilly in person and pay for the work after it's completed. We'll call you to set up a time.

What caused the skilled labor shortage?

In the 1970's, parents working in the "trades" encouraged their children to get a college degree. College loans made it possible. When the skills learned in college were transferred to other countries where labor was cheaper, the children were left with massive college loan debt.

Skillbillies is an Oregon registered LLC.  Our company complies with all Oregon contractor requirements.and is licensed by the Oregon CCB. License #224620.  SkillBillies is a federally registered trademark.

Skillbillies charges a low flat fee for common jobs around your home. The fee is based upon whatever can be fixed within two hours of the skill provider arriving and leaving your home.   Our skill providers can get a lot of work done within 2 hours.  To speed things up have the materials on hand and a clean workspace.  If the job is more complex go to "Bigger Jobs" on the menu above and fill in the information.

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