For homeowners needing immediate help, we offer a "Get in front of the line" payment system.  Fill out the necessary information and click the $99 box.  Your payment will send a message to a skillbilly nearest your home who will call or send you a text, asking "what's the best time to arrive at your home?  You'll receive a photo and a resume of the skillbilly on your iPhone or Android.  If the repair is more complex, we'll give you a fair estimate to get the job done.  If you're not satisfied with the estimate, the $99 payment will be immediately refunded.*

Our credit card link is secured by TSYS.  Your credit card information is never saved without your written permission.   Skillbillies.Com is a federally registered trademark and is bonded, licensed and insured by the State of Oregon.  A receipt for all funds paid to SkillBillies for work performed is sent to your email address.

Skillbillies is an Oregon registered LLC.  Our company complies with all Oregon contractor requirements.and is licensed by the Oregon CCB. License #224620.  SkillBillies is a federally registered trademark.

$99 jobs usually take about 30 to 90 minutes to complete.  If the skill provider determines it will take longer we'll give you an estimate and stick to it.  We don't charge for travel time.

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