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Quick Fix Request

Dear Homeowners, check out the “Quick Fix” jobs listed below. These are examples of common jobs requested around the country.  If the job isn’t specifically listed, check “other jobs” and write a short explanation of your need.  Once you’ve filled out and submitted the form your request will go up on our dashboard and one of our staff members will send a qualified skillbilly to your home to check out the job and give you a fair estimate.  For those of you who need help in a hurry click here to make a $99 prepayment.*  This will assure our skill providers that you’re seriously looking for help.  The prepayment will be deducted from our estimate when you hire one of our Skillbillies.

Note:  Skillbillies is a Federally registered trademark and uses Square to process payments. *$99 payments will be refunded within 5 working days if you’re not completely satisfied with our service or estimate. 

New request


Dear Customers:  Due to the rising costs of fuel and other inflationary pressures, Skillbillies can no longer offer free estimates.  After you’ve spoken to one of our skill providers and have determined we can do the job correctly and in a timely manner click here to make a $99 payment.  This link will take you to our Payment Portal which accepts almost all credit or debit card payments.  Once your payment is made you’ll receive an email receipt within a few minutes.  You can also use the Payment Portal to make the agreed upon payment after your project is completed.

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