So who wants to work for $10.00 an hour at a burger joint or retail store when you could earn $15 to $20 an hour learning how to fix, remodel, even build homes?   As your skills increase, you’ll be able to make much more.  In general, your teachers will be Skillbillies, men and women who have the "know how" to fix or remodel almost anything inside or outside American homes.  To find out about this great opportunity, fill out the form below and click Submit.  Everyone is welcome to apply.   

Qualifications to be a SkillBaby:

​1. Must be 18 or over.
2. Must have a driver’s license.
3. Must have a clean record.
4. Must be willing to learn.
5. Must be friendly and considerate.

6. Must have a work history.

Start the application process:

Dear Skillbaby: assures all homeowners that our skill providers (and skillbabies) have a background check.  The $29 signup fee helps defray our expenses which are considerable due to record keeping and setting up a personal profile for those who pass the background check.   As you probably know Oregon has the most restrictive laws in the nation for skill providers but still allows you to work under the Skillbillies license when we provide workers comp and unemployment insurance which is now in process.

Fill in the application 
Pay $29
application fee
Accept Background check by GoodHire
On boarding and profile set up
Start earning

Skillbillies is an Oregon registered LLC.  Our company complies with all Oregon contractor requirements.and is licensed by the Oregon CCB. License #224620.  SkillBillies is a federally registered trademark.

$99 jobs usually take about 30 to 90 minutes to complete.  If the skill provider determines it will take longer we'll give you an estimate and stick to it.  We don't charge for travel time.

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